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General Contractor Specializing In Kitchen / Bathroom Remodeling

For 10 years, Cornerstone has been creating comfortable homes for Alaskans who want a more functional and beautiful place to live. Providing Anchorage with full home, kitchen, and bath remodeling services is what we do.  Cornerstone Remodel & Design LLC is the all-in-one source for your complete home, apartment, kitchen, and bath remodel. From the first design consultation until the final inspection, we provide unique, functional spaces, excellent craftsmanship, name brand products, and high level client service.


Your Own Mini Spa

This is a very special place in the home and being that it is the most used area, the bathroom wears out the first. Water, steam, and daily use makes the materials break down, look old and worn.  The good news is, we are experts at bringing an old worn space back to life and we can do this on just about any budget.  

Home Remodeling is very personal and requires experience and sensitivity to budget, style and the desired end product.  There are many remodeling program on television today that make a fortune on educating people about the remodeling industry and home remodeling in general.  Many projects are fun and enjoyable to do yourself, but when you need a whole room done its still a good idea to call a professional for a free consultation and get some insight and cost estimate.  This could save you enormous cost, time and frustration in the future.

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